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Posted on Mar 6, 2018 in Coyle SEPA News (Eileen)

St Patrick’s Day parade Information

St Patrick’s Day parade Information

Parade participants:

First of all thank you all for having your children at parade practice on Saturday.  They did an awesome job and I hope you will all enjoy our routine!!

Below is the information that we have for the parades.  Keep praying for good weather and have those statues of Mary facing the window!  Please check the website and emails for any updated information before heading out to the parades.

I​f it looks like it will be raining we will make the decision about wigs on Friday for Saturday and Saturday for Sunday.  If the weather is bad, no wigs, dancers will have ponytails and a royal blue or white ribbon.  Please remember we are not in charge of the weather, be patient with us.  We will do what is best for all dancers involved in the parade.

***Siblings that are NOT involved with the dancing school are NOT allowed to walk in the line of march with us – ONLY THE DADS AND DANCERS.  They can wait at the reviewing stand or follow along the sidewalk, not with us – thank you for your cooperation.   ​

Stay safe and warm and hopefully no one looses power during this Nor’easter!!!


Eileen, Patsy and Nellie

AOH Montgomery Co Parade, Conshohocken Saturday, March 10th:

The parade will begin lining up at 1:00 pm and start at 2:00 pm at 11th Avenue.  We line up in the football stadium, the A Field, or the Conshohocken Football Association on Google Maps, which is located: East 11th Avenue and Harry Streets, just a block down from Fayette Street. The route is along Fayette St from 11th Ave to Elm St (all downhill). It will end in front of the Washington Fire Company.

For those of you coming of the Schuylkill Expressway, Fayette Street is directly ahead of you, where the parade will end. More than likely it will be closed and you will have to turn right and go up to the A Field, look for another route, possible Hallowell Street.

*We will perform at the end at the reviewing stand and we also tend to stop along the way, at the Conshohocken Fire House on Fayette and usually at the Moore Funeral Home. It just depends on where the crowd is and where we have the time to stop and dance. We will parade past the reviewing stand and ​will perform for the crowd in front of the BoatHouse/ Great American Pub.

AOH website is:


Philadelphia St Patrick’s Day Parade – Sunday, March 11th:


Philadelphia is a rain or shine event . . . they will not cancel

if there is rain or snow

We are in the 4th Division for the Philadelphia Parade we are unit #120.  We need to ​​report by 11:00am to the SOUTH Side of JFK. Between 17th & 18th Sts. 

I have attached the link for the Philadelphia St Patrick’s Day Parade.  All info about the parade is posted on their website. Different route this year, same beginning location.

​*Again, we will perform at the reviewing stand. We do perform as we walk but it depends on how the parade is moving. If it is moving along at a quick pace, we cannot stop. If we are stopped and there is a crowd we dance. There is no specific designated location for performances along the parade route.


Parade Dress Code:  

Dads are to wear the same as our boy dancers: black slacks, dark turtle neck and a traditional Irish sweater.

We are asking that there are NO GREEN SWEATERS with “IRELAND” or shamrocks across the front.  ​We look very uniform and professional as we walk along the parade route.  We get many compliments on how awesome our fathers look.  So please abide by our dress code.

​Why dads?  ​

Our dads are in charge of security, bathroom runs and coat removal.  It is not mandatory for each dancer to have a parent march.  We always have a very large group of dads.  Do not worry if your “dad” is unable to attend. 


All participants in the parade must wear the following:

  1. Coyle School Costume with black tights and black shoes, dance sneakers or other all black shoes. (Rubber soles shoes best. No leggings)


  1. Coyle School skirt and cape, all white turtleneck and either a sweater or sweatshirt. Must be all white. Black tights and black shoes.
  2. Boys: black pants, dark turtle neck and an Irish Sweater. Black shoes.

If it is cold, dancers will be allowed to wear their coats/ gloves till the last minute!

HAIR: Dancers must have their hair curled, in ringlets or dancers may choose to wear the Coyle School wig NO BUNS, BANANA CLIPS. Dancers should have on the Coyle School headband with the school dress or a royal blue ribbon or royal blue headband if you are in the skirt and cape (No tiaras).