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Posted on Jan 20, 2014 in Coyle SEPA News (Eileen)

SEPA January News

SEPA January News


Extra Tuesday class, PDT Studio

Adv Beginner/Novice – 6:30pm – 7:45pm
PW/Champ – 7:45pm – 9pm
$10 extra class fee
Super Bowl Pool – We did this last year and it was fun, I actually paid attention to the game and not just the commercials!  We will be selling squares for $25 dollars each.  The numbers will be picked randomly when all the squares are sold.  The block pool will be emailed to all who participate.  Half the money will go to benefit the dancers going to Worlds and the other half will be prize money. 

Deadline: Thursday, January 30th

Payment: Cash or Check payable to Coyle School of Irish Dance

Send to: Christine Ehnow 234 Roberts Avenue, Glenside PA 19038 or you can hand in to your dance teacher.
**Please include your name and email address.  Any questions, send to
1st quarter – $125
2nd quarter-$350
3rd quarter – $125
4th quarter- $650
Practice – Your children MUST practice.  I’m not talking an hour or two each night.  Most of the kids need to practice for about 5/10 minutes every other night.  I have asked them to bring a copy book to class to write down their homework.  Next week I will send an email home so that you will have their homework as well.  If you want to sit in and video a class, that is perfectly fine – usually the first class of the month is the best class to come to.
 Class Attendance –  Along with practicing the dancers need to come to class regularly.  I know that we are getting into the flu season and other activities take up some of their time as well, but regular class attendance will make the children better dancers and they will remember their steps – especially now with a copybook in class to write steps down.  If you need to miss a class due to another obligation and/or sickness, please have your child make that class up at another location.  Also, if your child has an injury and can not dance at class, he/she should still attend class.  They can sit in and write the steps being taught in class.
 Inclement Weather – for weekday classes, if schools are closed or have early dismissal, there will be no classes held that night.  For Saturday classes, I will (1) send an email by 8:15am, (2) post a message on the Coyle School of Irish Dance – PA & NJ’s Facebook page.  Please Note:  I will not make phone calls.  Please check the website or Facebook page for any updated information regarding weather related cancellations.
Class Attire – I know that it is cold out, but please make sure that the dancers have shorts, leggings, skirt, or skort.  I need to see their legs and feet.  They can bring them in their bag and change into them in the bathroom or wear them under their sweat pants.  Some of the girls are wearing pants that are coming down over their heels – they are going to trip and they can not perform their steps correctly.  If you are concerned about them being cold, they can wear a sweater and as class goes on they can remove the sweater when they warm up.
Shoes:  Please make sure that everyone has the correct shoes.  The girls need to have the little ballet shoes with the elastic across the archthe little slipper things do not work.  They can not point their toes in them correctly.  They would have to have the correct equipment if they were playing soccer, football, or fieldhockey  . . . so please have them wear the correct equipment for Irish dance.
St Patrick’s Day Parades – 
Saturday, March 8 – Tentative parade practice – place and time will be announced in January.
Saturday, March 15 –  Montgomery Co AOH Division #1 Parade, Conshohocken
Sunday, March 16 – Philadelphia St Patrick’s Day Parade, Philadelphia
***We participate in both parades and the dancers are expected to participate in both not just one.  If your child is interested in participating in the parades they need to attend parade practice.  
Summer Camps:  Tentatively scheduled for the weeks of July 7 and July 14.  Not sure which will be day and which will be night camp.  As soon as we get that together, you will know.  Wanted the dates out there for you.  We may also have something the week of June 23 in the evening.  I need to know the studio avaibility and will let you know as soon as I do.