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Posted on Nov 21, 2017 in Coyle SEPA News (Eileen)

Reminders – Happy Thanksgiving

Reminders – Happy Thanksgiving

Class tonight

Tuesday, November 2​1​ – PDT Studio 

Traditional Sets  

6:30pm – 7:30pm
Solos   7:30pm – 9pm
NO CLASS Wednesday, November 2​2​
Mid-Atlantic Regional Oireacthas at the Downtown Marriott 
Philadelphia – Friday November 2​4​; Saturday, November 2​5; and Sunday November 2​6.  We have dancers dancing the whole weekend! Entry is free, anyone can come and watch.  You will see some of the best dancing at this competition.
NO CLASS Monday, November 2​7​
NO CLASS on Tuesdays for the month of December
S​aturday December Classes – Modified class schedule for the month of December:
​10:30am class – regular start and end time.
11:45am class – come at 10:30am, will end at 12:30pm depending on attendance​

Monday, December 1​8​
Thursday, December 1​4​
Saturday, December 1​6​
Happy Thanksgiving –  Be safe, be careful, and enjoy time spent with your family and friends.