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What is the Oireachtas?

Mid – Atlantic Regional Oireachtas

Here is a fact sheet on the Oireachtas (pronounced Or-ock-tus) and what would be required of you if you decide to compete in Coyle School teams.

What is the Mid-Altantic Regional (MAR) Oireachtas?

MARO are known as the regional championships to qualify dancers to compete in the World Championships.

When and where is the MAR Oireachtas?

MARO usually takes place on the Friday, Saturday and Sunday of Thanksgiving weekend at the Philadelphia Downtown Marriott. If your child is in one team you will only need to be there one day. If you are in multiple teams then you may be there for more then one day.

What would my child do in the Oireachtas?

  • If your Coyle student is interested in dancing in the Oireachtas, he or she would compete in team or ceili dancing. Most likely dancing in an 8-hand or a 4-hand competition.
  • Dancers compete in the team dancing according to their age and are placed in the team by the teachers during camp.
  • Only dancers competing in feisianna at the preliminary or open championship level will dance in solo competition.

What is required of a dancer to compete in the MAR Oireachtas for the Coyle School?

  1. Dancer must participate in 1 week of summer dance camp.
  2. Dancer must commit to practice in the fall, every Sunday, leading up the Oireachtas, and dance in the Coyle feis. This means nearly every Sunday in September, October and November.
  3. Dancer must have the Coyle School costume, not the skirt, and must have the team designated wig. And soft shoes! New costume orders will be taken in July at camp.

What are the North American Irish Dance Championships?

This is an International championship held in the United States each 4th of July. Coyle school usually sends winning teams from the MAR Oireachtas to the Nationals.

What are the World Championships?

The premier Irish Step Dancing competition generally held during Easter week each year. Depending on the year, we send winning 8 hand teams from the MAR Oireachtas to the Worlds.

Dancers from all over the world compete to find out who is the best. The Worlds are usually held in Ireland (sometimes Scotland or the US) each year.
This is the Olympics of Irish Dancing!