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Posted on Feb 11, 2016 in Coyle SEPA News (Eileen)

February News

February News

Reminders and New information

heart-made-of-heartsHappy Valentine’s Day!!  



Christmas Gift:  I am so sorry that this is super late, but I want to thank everyone that donated to Bringing Hope Home.  We were able to send a check for $500 to the organization.  Caitlin Mahon, a former dancer for us, called me and was so excited that we were able to help with such a large donation.  Thank you all!

Super Bowl Fundraiser!  Thank you to everyone that participated.  It was a great success and this year we sold out sooner that we have ever in the past!  Thank you!!

MONDAY CLASS – Class will not be held at Holy Martyrs on Monday, February 15 – scheduled day off Presidents Day.

Class Calendar:  Please check our website.  I have my class calendar completed all the way up to July.  I have class dates that we are off, parade practice, parade dates, and the tentative summer camp dates posted

Tuesday Class – PDT Studio – Breakdown Drill class begins February 16th:

Younger dancers – 6:30pm – 7:45pm

Prelim/Champ dancers – 7:45pm – 9pm

$10 extra class fee

Coyle Scarves – if you are interested in purchasing one (or two) please let me know how many you would like.  Mail payments and order form directly to me – 1617 Dogwood Rd, Flourtown, PA  19031. Scarves are not required for the parades.  The dancers may wear them as we walk along the parade routes, but will be removed while performing at the reviewing stands.  By-standers definitely can wear them!!

Coyle School Apparel – I am working on getting some items of Coyle clothing together for an order.  We should hopefully have it together shortly.  Be on the lookout!!

Bring a Friend to Class – those dates are Thursday, February 25, Saturday, February 27, and Monday, February 29.  I will resend the full email next week.  Please remember, you are my best advertising.  If your child enjoys my class, please let everyone else know what fun it is!  Thank you in advance

January Payment – The final payment is now past due.  Invoices have been sent; if payment is not received by February 24 a $25 late fee will be added.  Please bring to class or mail directly to me – 1617 Dogwood Road, Flourtown, PA  19031.

Parade Practice information:

Saturday, March 5 – Parade Practice will be held at Riley and Sons moving facility; which is located at 9800 Ashton Road, Philadelphia, PA 19114 –same location as last year’s practice. Practice Time will be announced within the next two weeks.

**If your dancer is participating, it has to be in both parades. We only create one routine for both parades. You cannot choose one parade over the other. We understand if your child has a religious commitment the day of parade practice.  Just remind us and we will try to keep a spot open for him/her. 

***We do allow our young/beginner dancers to do only one parade if you feel it would be too much for your dancer.

Parade Dates:

Saturday, March 12 – Montgomery Co AOH division #1 Parade, Conshohocken

Sunday, March 13 – Philadelphia St Patrick’s Day Parade, Philadelphia

For those parents new to the school:  We ask that only the dads of our dancers march with us. Every father is not required to walk with us.  We always have a large number of fathers walking – we really only need about 20/25 fathers, BUT we appreciate your support!!  Dads are to wear the same as our boy dancers: black slacks, dark turtle neck and a traditional Irish sweater. Our dads are in charge of security, bathrooms runs, and coat removal.

VERY IMPORTANT:  Siblings not involved in the school are not permitted to walk along with us. They may walk along the route, but not actually along with the dancers and/or dads.

As always, email your teacher with questions. We look forward to a great practice and a fun time at the parades!!!

Interested in attending a feis?  There is a link on our Website Home page for all of the feis that are sanctioned by CLRG (the commission that we are affiliated) North American Feis Commission

Inclement Weather – for weekday classes, if schools are closed or have early dismissal, there will be no classes held that night.  For Saturday classes, I will (1) send an email by 8:15am, and (2) post a message on the Coyle School of Irish Dance – PA & NJ’s Facebook page.  Please Note:  I will not make phone calls.  Please check your email or Facebook page for any updated information regarding weather related cancellations.

Cold weather – Please make sure that each student has the proper clothing for dance class.  Jeans are not acceptable for class.  Please have them wear leggings or shorts under their sweatpants.  Thank you for your cooperation.

Copybooks and homework:  I would like all dancers to bring a copybook to class again – especially the older dancers.  The children need to remember their steps and things that I tell them in class.  For the younger dancers, you are more than welcome to video the class – as long as it is used for practice purposes and nothing other.  Your children are doing nicely, but in order to progress they really should practice a little over the week.  I am not trying to drive anyone crazy, but when they dancers know their steps, it really makes everyone’s learning experience fun.