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Posted on Nov 6, 2012 in Coyle SEPA News (Eileen)

Eileen’s News – Feis Information

Calling all Bakers!!  We are asking for some baked goods to sell at our Baked Goods Table.  Cupcakes, cookies, brownies . . .  Please place your Brownies in a plastic bag and if you are donating cookies please place two or three cookies in little plastic baggies.  If you have any extra Halloween Candy you can donate that too!!  If you have small candies, please place a few items in plastic bags too!  Thank you in advance!!

National Anthems – We need someone that can sing the American and Irish National Anthems at the beginning of the feis – around 8:20am.  The gentleman that usually sings the anthems for us is not attending the feis this year.  Please let me know ASAP!  

Raffle Basket Donations  Thank you to all the families that gave donations to the raffle baskets.  It is very much appreciated.  We have some great baskets that will be raffled off.

Hurricane Sandy Donations:  We will be collecting monetary donations for Hurricane Sandy Relief.  We are going to be having a separate collection jar for those donations.  There have been many, many Irish dance families and some teachers that have been devastated by the Hurricane.  

Northwest Design T-Shirts:  The t-shirt vendor will be at our feis again this year and we are going to be getting a special patch made that can be added (for an extra fee) to the items purchased from the vendor.  Proceeds will also go towards Hurricane Relief.  

Feis Volunteers:  Thank you to those that have volunteered.  We still have some slots that are open and are listed below.  There are not many, but there are some families that have not volunteered, please put yourself in a slot before being placed somewhere.  The sign up link is on the Coyle website.  We do not have the cafeteria this year so please look at what is available.

The feis is a HUGE event for the dancing school.  Our feis always runs very smoothly because our parents are involved.  We need the support from every family in the dancing school – brand new beginners all the way up.  We all have busy lives, but this is an activity that your child/children are involved.  I don’t want to beg, but it is one day and only two hours – great way for our brand new beginner families to get involved.  There are many times open, if you can’t do the morning, Sunday clean up is perfect; if you can’t do the afternoon, help in the morning.
HOSPITALITY – We need 2 volunteers in the morning from 7:30 – 9:30 and 2 volunteers from 1:30 to 3:30.  In the morning we need help setting up for breakfast and taking orders for lunch for the Judges/Musicians .  Later in the afternoon it’s just seeing if the judges/musicians need anything. 

CHAMPIONSHIP AWARDS – We need 3 volunteers for 2:00 – 4:00 and 2 for 4:00 – 6:00 slots.  We need adults to volunteer to exchange trophies for gift cards and hand out awards.
STAGE RUNNER – We have no volunteers for the 1:00 – 3:00 slot we need 3, but will take 2; we need 1 more volunteer for the 3:00 – 5:00 slot.
CLEAN UP – We have 2 volunteers.  We need people to lend a hand at the end of the feis.  If anyone wants to switch from Saturday set up to one of the empty slots on Sunday, they can do that.  Also, if anyone is willing to sign up for additional hours we would appreciate it.  The sign up link is on the Coyle website.
If anyone has questions about volunteering, contact Andrea:
Thank you again and we can’t do this without all of you and your support!
Eileen, Colleen, Patsy, and Nellie